Our Team

Steph is a King’s alumnus, having recently graduated with a BA in French and Hispanic Studies. She enjoys travelling, reading and anything to do with sport. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, Steph is currently working as an Editorial Coordinator in London, and harbours hopes of one day ‘making it’ as a writer.

Sarah is studying for an MA in French Literature and Culture after graduating in French and History from King’s in July. She spent her year abroad as an English Language Assistant in the Vosges Mountains in Lorraine, France. Sarah’s interests include nineteenth-century French literature, salsa dancing and playing badminton.

Julien is a fourth year student at King’s studying Hispanic Studies. He was born in Brittany on a sultry summer day in 1993 and has lived in Hertfordshire for most of his life with pit stops in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany regions, as well as Mexico.

Carrie completed her BA French with English at King’s in July and is now pursuing an MA in Linguistics. Also a native speaker of German, she is looking forward to exploring the form and function of language(s) through The Glossa. She’s particularly interested in translation, multilingualism and minority languages.

Ahilleasmap copyGREEK EDITOR
Ahilleas is a final year French and Hispanic studies student. He’s recently come back from his year abroad in Montpellier and Chile. He speaks French and Spanish as well as Greek, and looks forward to all of your entries.
Marialena is a second year student doing European Studies and French at King’s and currently preparing for her year abroad at Sciences Po, Paris. She usually tries to comfort the Greek inside her by cooking Greek food (Oh! How she misses the souvlaki!) and writing articles about her homeland. She is, however, une bonne vivante and enjoys life in London!
Adriana completed her MSc in Global Environmental Change at King’s in August. Born in L’Aquila, a city in central Italy, she is passionate about environmental topics and Italian politics. She enjoys travelling, reading thriller books and cooking Italian food.

Anna is currently reading for an MSc at the Brazil Institute at King’s. Her main area of interest is Brazil in its Latin-American context, and their recent history. She spent a part of her year abroad in Brazil, and completely fell in love with it! In her spare time Anna loves experimenting with new and foreign foods, creating cocktails and salsa dancing.

Originally from Lavras, Brazil, Igor is a second year PhD student in the French Department. He is currently working on the research project ‘Pierre Schaeffer’s musicalité généralisée and the aural nature of A la recherche du temps perdu’ amongst his many other endeavours!

Ellen is in her fourth year of a Hispanic Studies degree and has spent the last year abroad in Barcelona where she studied and also taught English to naughty Spanish children. She is really interested in Spanish and Latin American culture and has just returned from a month spent travelling around Ecuador.

Jasini is half Mexican and half English and is in her second year at King’s, studying Hispanic, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. She loves eating, sleeping, travelling and editing Spanish articles.


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